What is SHipple?!?!? Want a bag of em for free?

  • its more transparent and usable by actual people than certain cryptocurrencies pandering to banks
  • and its quickly become a test bed to play with tokenization and dapp ideas, check out the SHipple Fitness and SHipple-Up to get hints as to where that might go.
  • and it’s the core token for an exponentially growing community of Meme and content creators! Check out the Crypto Entertainment Collective, SHipple is about to sponsor them.
  • AAAAnnnnnddd!! Greg Smithwick founded the SHipple Flying Circus Charity Tribe that has already raised a ton of real money for amazing charitable projects!
  • We got featured in an amazing article written by Stellabelle on Hackernoon : Shipple is an awesome gateway drug to onboars crypto noobs! We didnt start w that intention but we are super passionate about educating and fostering adoption in fun and safe and encouraging ways!
  • We definitely didnt expect this, but a HUGE percentage, at least over half but likely alot more, of the people at SHipple Basecamp are NOOBS (new people) to Crypto!! So its turned into an education and on-boarding platform. I really really love this development.
  • We haz logo
  • The WhitePaper is being written by a mad genius, who will likely get a Pulitzer or some other kind of literary award for its satirical brilliance. Its not going to surprise me if he manages to make fun of every single crypto/blockchain trope in this one document.
  • A guy @ SHipple Basecamp decided to raise some money for a local charity and awarded 1 Million SHIL to anyone that donated more than 20$. By the next day he raised almost 500$. And that day I created this, and made him the director.
  • It wasnt part of the plan (there wasnt really any plan, just HEH LETS MAKE FUN OF BANK CRYPTOS BOOOO!!!) to have 10–40 new memes a day being created at basecamp. But now I honestly cant imagine a world without them! I swear to gawd I donkey laugh a dozen times a day at least lol. Here’s some notable examples, (check out Photos @ basecamp to see most of em… there’s alot)



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Corey Cottrell

Corey Cottrell


Writing. FB Live. Podcasts. Experimenting. 100 Days of Gettin Healthy, 100 Days of Ted Talks to stave off depression.