We Need Meme.

I want a badass meme that has the chirp logo and all the currently supported token logos on it and I’m willing to pay for it! (Logo pics below but feel free to find your own if u cab find better)

The meme I like the best will get:

1000 Chirp Coins

1 Million $HIL

10k DU$T

*yes all three! I want a KILLER meme!

Here’s the story.

So we did this thing w Chirp where token projects can have their community rewarded in their native token for posting cool content in their respective chirp channels.

Its slick AF.

Post in the #Telos channel? Get $TLOS right to your wombat wallet.

Post in the #Shipple channel, get $HIL automatically and see it in bloks.io

seconds later!!

Its really cool frankly.

Some details if you haven’t tried it yet.

  • You’ll need an account on chirp.la and you’ll need COINs to post. Get your starter coins for free by asking for them in the Chirp Telegram Channel t.me/chirpdapp
  • Save your various blockchain accounts, EOS, WAX, Telos, into the EARN section on chirp.
  • Post in a channel w active rewards
  • Make sure your post gets some likes! The big post rewards only get sent out once your post has 10 likes!
  • You will get smaller rewards for each like u get

So make me a meme!

Crypto for doing the social media you’d be doing anyway!

Chirp Automatically posts to twitter if you want!

A real David vs Goliath story! Chirp is up against giants like FB that want to eat the world!


TLOS in the #Telos channel

$BOID in the #boid channel

$ATMOS in the #atmos channel

Magic DU$T in all these channels!




$HIL in the #Shipple channel as well as

#MEMES and #SpaceX

$PUML in their #PUML channel

And here’s a pic of baby yoda because baby yoda memez are scientifically better than any other memes.

This is the way.

Ps submit memes on the #MEMES channel on chirp



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