Our Gratitude, an Organic NFT Collection from inside the Uplift

Corey Cottrell
2 min readAug 14, 2021


My name is Corey. I’m the founder of theuplift.world and I’m a huge fan of NFTs, Culture, Community and the practice of Gratitude.

Here’s the idea for the Our Gratitude Collection:

I’ve wanted to encode the gratitude monuments into NFTs for a long time. I believe there’s something really beautiful about having our shared history enshrined in the metaverse through this lens of GRATITUDE.

Its the story of us DOING and BEING, TOGETHER in this new PLACE.

Ive also wanted to start a side project so i have a small business operating in the uplift so i grok fully what this is like alongside all our metaverse citizens, and I want to be able to actually learn and use all the cool AF NFT tools that are out there to hone my personal chops. So…

Thats what this project is for.

The Alpha NFTs will stay on sale forever and anyone who owns one will be whitelisted for all future drops.

I believe our gratitude monuments in the Uplift are a profound record of our history in the metaverse.

They link us to our past through the lens of community and active thankfulness.

You must own the Alpha Gratitude NFT to be whitelisted for future drops. (they will all happen on NeftyBlocks) via ourgratitude.io.

The size of each limited release will be 2X the size of the whitelist the day before.

If you have a completed gratitude monument on your land and would like it featured in this collection hit me up on the website or twitter (@CoreyCottrell)

  • 25% of all revenue will be reserved to add incentives to community liquidity pools on BluDac.
  • 25% of all revenue will go to charities like UpliftDonate and the SHippletopia Foundation.

I’m going to aim to drop one per day.

Assume these will be collectables ONLY.

Zero promises they will be anything more than what they are; Ownable Proof of Our History in the Uplift Worldz.

I mean it. I have absolutely no plans whatsoever to turn these into miners of anything or have them be functional in any way.

*That said…. people who own these will be the most excellent and beautiful humans in our ecosystem. Other projects would do well to target them with value for their attention. ;-) I am grateful for this moment, and for you. Thank you for your time, energy and awesomeness!

@CoreyCottrell on TG, Twitter, FB

psst… i kinda launched it. For real, only grab one of these if you want access to owning little slices of Uplift history through the lens of gratitude. And maybe to feel a deeper connection to this community. And only tell wonderful people about this.




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