Day 27/100 Gettin Healthy 226.0 pounds

So ya… I fell off the wagon. And ignored the wagon and let it rust. And felt shitty about the broken down wagon. But fuck it. There’s people missing days and getting back on the horse back in the 100 days group on FB. So why can’t I get over myself and do it too.

Amazed im not heavier.

Had doctors appt via zoom for my back this morning. It started getting bad on day 3 or 4 back in early May and its only gotten worse. Soul sucking mind crushing consistent pain sucks. But I feel like real proactive steps can now be taken to start solving the problem. So yay.

We’ve been eating pretty good, with some days just eating ALL the pandemic stuck-in-the-housr feelings. Its a brutally effective excuse to give in to the ice-cream loving monkey mind!

So here’s my check in.

Today’s focus is icing then heat. Rinse repeat. Mostly laying flat. Super exciting i know.

The new Social Media platform CHirp launches soon! GET ON THE WAITING LIST.



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Corey Cottrell

Writing. FB Live. Podcasts. Experimenting. 100 Days of Gettin Healthy, 100 Days of Ted Talks to stave off depression.