Day 26/100 Ted Talks — FLYING ROBOTS!

I’m watching 100 Ted Talks in 100 days and tracking the result to see how much it will effect my state of mind & work. You can check out the details and my very first check in HERE.

It’s been pretty heavy around here lately. Now for some levity. Pun intended.

Autonomous exploration! I love nerds.

Flying smart phones?!?! Fun. Woah… the robot fishing like an eagle?? woah.

Swarms… write this down. In 5 years there will be flying robot swarms doing ALL KINDS of things and may even be ubiquitous.

Oh wow… a flying robot with sensors can count EVERY FRUIT IN AN ORCHARD?!?! woah.

911 first responders.



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Corey Cottrell

Writing. FB Live. Podcasts. Experimenting. 100 Days of Gettin Healthy, 100 Days of Ted Talks to stave off depression.