Day 26/100 Gettin Healthy. 224.8

Every day for 100 days I will do a check in on the basic things Im doing to get my weight back to where I want it and get strong enough to get into KiteBoarding!

Up what amounts to a tiny bit after breaking a 2 day fast last night with a giant pile of veggies and some steak.

This trendline basically says everything I want to say today.

Fasting will re-gain its place as my main brute force tool. Beaches are open so I’m back swimming (on the weekdays, easy to social distance, and wearing my mask until right before gettin in the water)

Way ahead of schedule to get under 220 before day 40. That’s fun.



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Corey Cottrell

Writing. FB Live. Podcasts. Experimenting. 100 Days of Gettin Healthy, 100 Days of Ted Talks to stave off depression.