Day 24/100 Ted Talks — Child Trauma

I’m watching 100 Ted Talks in 100 days and tracking the result to see how much it will effect my state of mind & work. You can check out the details and my very first check in HERE.

“Adverse Childhood Experiences are the single greatest unaddressed public health threat facing the nation today. “

Brain development, DNA function, heart disease, 20 year different life expectancy etc etc etc

Childhood trauma gets under your kin and changes your physiology.


Poverty is violence against children. * i just heard my friend Chet’s voice in my head.

“Adverse Childhood Experiences” —

For every yes in the above you get a point, correlated against health outcomes it’s… dark.

There’s a dose response relationship so the higher your Ace Score, for eg if your score is 4 or above

2.5X times risk pulmonary disease

4X times chance for depression

omg, 12X suicide chance.

Repeated stress activation in childhood effects immune system, DNA transcribing and hormone function.

So.. this just broke my brain. Specially in a time when the whole country/world seems to be trying to spin itself into chaos. This will get worse before it gets better. But what a moral duty we have to solve this!! And now that the “Pay-For” argument is forever broken with the US Gov handing trillions to big business without hesitation during a pandemic… the care of children and their entire futures seems like a no-brainer.

But it’ll be anything but.

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