Day 24/100 Gettin Healthy — 228.2 Pounds

Every day for 100 days I will do a check in on the basic things Im doing to get my weight back to where I want it and get strong enough to get into KiteBoarding!

Down 4. The food baby and water retention from the bday weekend are abating quickly.

Still eyeing the target of getting under 220 before day 40. Fasting today and I think there’s a good chance i hit 225 tomorrow or the next day. Then I have 2 full weeks to hit goal. 2.5 pounds per week. Easy peasy.

The Lost Week

I am starting to grok a cycle that I run myself through that is exceptionally un-productive. I get into the MO (momentum) and everything is clicking and I can see everything I’m trying to accomplish clearly. I’m setting achievable targets daily and hitting them. Then I have a good idea and want to do that too. So I map out how much actual time I have and inevitably decide that I can add it. Then I do that 4 more times. Then I run up against an invisible wall. My capacity to create, the amount of intellectual bandwidth I have each day or each week, is far less than the number of minutes in a day or a week. This is very annoying. I dont know how many times people like my Aunt Gail have cautioned me to go slower when I get ramped up. It rarely works. Anyway…

I think I’m at least starting to recognize that cycle sooner (not this time, I went into a deficit for sure but there were extenuating circumstances… back pain, global/national instability and a historic moment holy shit what? Pandemic + bigger protest movement than during the 60s going on this past week)

So a week ago I decided to take a day off. Then the next day I didn’t feel like it and took another day. Each day it gets harder and harder to start the engine back up. BUT. I hear Arathi’s voice in my head telling me to be kind to myself and let it happen when it’s ready. That’s hard of course, because here I am 20 days into a DAILY attempt at discipline and how can we just sit around WAITING TO FEEL LIKE IT?? Anyway, fucking first world problems.

So. I’m fasting today. Always a challenge and always worth it. There’s no more efficient way to reset my biology or psychology. Except one. The Great Spirit Farm is too far away tho so…


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