Day 12/100 Gettin Healthy — Fasting Win!

Every day for 100 days I will do a check in on the basic things Im doing to get my weight back to where I want it and get strong enough to get into KiteBoarding!

Weight 234.2 PoundsKilled the food baby by 1.6 Pounds. Have some thoughts re thinking about how long it takes to “get back on track” after a cheat meal.

The progress after I got back to where I was before last week’s cheat WEEKEND, was nothing short of bonkers. If we spread out what I lost in the last 3 days, feeling like I’d lost the 4 days prior to just getting back to where I was before the weekend, by itself would have been a killer full week of weightloss. This is perhaps one of those areas where the daily weigh-ins lose some points. I need to do it either way because its a discipline (monkey mind killer, rational-mind workout) thing. Regardless, I’m still feeling confident instead of powerless. Like I’m very much winning instead of defeated. That’s worth all the work and trying and failing and trying again it took to get here.

SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fasted for the first time in … over a year I think? Yikes. Huge Win.

Fasting was by far and wide the secret to my success losing 50 pounds a few years ago. One day every week, just don’t eat. There’s OODLES of science on fasting out there. It’s pretty clear our evolutionarily designed meat robots are designed to weather days without food. After how many calories I took down saturday night, lol, it makes sense I didn’t get hungry until very late last night. Was no biggee to just drink a ton of water and hit the sack.

Huh… I went looking for a Tim Ferris podcast w Dom D’Agastino, famed ketosis/fasting sciency guy and instead found Tim’s fasting regimen… which I’m going to have to try.

The back started out @ 5% this morning. Best morning yet. The walk tipped it up to about 15% ouch. Sitting here trying to bang all 6 challenges out before 930 isn’t helping but it’s not killing me so…

Thank you for spending this time with me.

PS. The first email update went out this morning!! To ONE! Follower!! And it included the Ted Talk about First Followers!!! Kismet. Great way to keep track of everything that’s happening with this project. And I believe there is @ least one podcast or resource link that has changed my life in every single article every single day. Maybe it’ll enhance yours!

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